File Manager app coming to Windows Phone 8 soon

File Manager app coming to Windows Phone 8 soon

Corporate vice president and manager for Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore announced on Reddit that a File Manager app is on its way for Windows Phone.

Known for his often capitalized enthusiasm on Twitter, Belfiore was very excited when asked if there would ever be a File Manager for Windows Phone. ‘WOO HOO! SOMEONE ASKED THIS QUESTION!!’ was his response, and he went on to explain how he has been testing a build recently, and that Microsoft hopes to have the app available by the end of May. Check out the screenshots he shared:

The app will allow you to view and manage files. You’ll be able to create folders, move files between them, and also search your files.

Belfiore also announced that a Windows Phone Snapchat app is in the pipeline, and that while he would love to see Google’s apps on Windows Phone, it’s up to Google to make them, and so far he has no details to share.

In another reply, he hinted that Windows Phone assistant Cortana could be coming to Windows 8 at some point saying, “Nothing specific to announce, but Cortana herself is always telling us she’s a fan of PCs herself”.

Source: Reddit


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