Final Fantasy VII available on PC

Final Fantasy VII available on PC

Final Fantasy VII was PlayStation’s first big role playing game (RPG) release. Over three discs, the game was the first introduction of the RPG genre for many players with 3D graphics.

It’s one of the most requested games that players want remade with HD graphics, but Square Enix has still denied any existence of work on a HD port.

Still, players can now experience the game on PC as Final Fantasy VII for the PC has been released through Square Enix’s eStore today.

In addition to the original game, the newest version release of Final Fantasy VII also includes cloud saves, achievements, and a character booster allowing players to max their characters.

The booster could be seen as a shortcut to grinding, which some may thing take away from the hours of gameplay that Final Fantasy VII can offer.

It’s one of the classic RPG games of the 32-bit era and worth the time to experience if for the first time or not.

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