Find a job in Second Life

Find a job in Second Life

Second LifeIf you’re not having much luck with job hunting in the real world, then why not try the world of fantasy? A story at tells how some Second Life gamers have been targeted by IT firms who are more than happy to conduct virtual interviews with them based on the impressive work they’ve done within the game. It seems that corporate America is finally catching onto the Second Life craze that already has around 2.6 million registered users. One IT recruiter who has employed several Second Lifers says:

People who have been in Second Life since its inception might not be professional content developers, but they have become experts.

So even if you’re no Bill Gates, there’s hope for you if your online creations inspire the imagination of employers. Another recruiter adds:

We hired people we had never met in the real world because we’d spent a year looking at the work they produced within Second Life, and the way that they approached the community…we knew that in Second Life, they were the best.

So the next time you log on, remember to put your best virtual suit on – you never know who could be watching.

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