Find a last minute Valentine with these mobile dating apps

Find a last minute Valentine with these mobile dating apps
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It’s almost Valentine’s day, and once again, you find yourself dateless. Well, not this year. Mobile dating apps have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past year, and they’ve made it easier than ever to get a last minute date while putting in as little effort as possible. Long gone are the days of filling out complicated forms and being matched by powerful algorithms; these days, a simple tap of a button can get you a date in under 5 minutes flat.

Instead of wallowing in the flowers and candy being delivered by the truckload to your co-workers’ desks while trying desperately to rearrange the chocolates in their boxes without them realizing how many you’ve eaten, try picking up your mobile phone and finding yourself a date. Here are 5 of the best mobile apps for finding that list minute Valentine’s day date. Flowers and candy not (necessarily) included.


TinderEveryone’s favorite mobile dating app, Tinder, has had a monstrous year. With over 700 million matches under its belt, Tinder’s success can be attributed, in part, to its simplicity. Simply log into the app using your Facebook profile, and your Tinder account will automatically generate. With a simple ‘hot or not’ structure, you’re essentially judging potential dates on a few profile pictures, common interests, and shared friends. Swipe through potential matches, saying either yes or no to people in your area looking to make a match. If it’s a match, you can start chatting. And don’t worry about rejection: you and your potential date will only get notifications if the feeling is mutual.

Tinder App


DownFormerly known as Bang With Friends, DOWN recently revamped its image to look a little less direct. Also using your Facebook profile, DOWN will show you your own Facebook friends, as well as mutual friends, to help you meet someone with no more than one degree of separation. You can choose to either get ‘down’, or go on a ‘date’ with someone, but either way, you have the opportunity to start chatting if the feeling is mutual. Much like Tinder, the fear of rejection is unfounded because you’ll only receive a notification if both parties are interested.

Down App


TrintMeMaybe you already have someone in mind that you’d love to make your Valentine this year. If you’re feeling a bit more bold, TrintMe can help you show your true intentions (Trint) with friends. The app works by letting you contact Facebook friends, as well as mutual friends, and sending them your Trints, which range from grabbing coffee, to romance, to simply hanging out, or hooking up. Again, the matches are confidential until they are mutual, but sending a Trint is like a hint to get your relationship started on the right foot and avoid any awkward situations.

TrintMe App

At The Pool

At The PoolIf you’re really last minute and have left your search for a date until the 14th, At The Pool will get people to come to you. Although not exclusively a dating app, it gives you the option to discover what people near you are up to. At The Pool lets you choose whether or not you want to sign up using your Facebook profile, or create a new account. Then, you can make a ‘shout out’, telling people in your area, as well as friends, where you are and what you’re interested in doing. People around you will get a notification, and hopefully, come to the rescue. So, whatever it is you’re interested in doing this Valentine’s day, go there, tell people, and maybe, someone will join you.

At The Pool App

Carrot Dating

If candy and flowers are really the only thing you’re after this Valentine’s day, Carrot Dating should be your app of choice. The app works on the premise that you can essentially bribe anyone into going out with you. From flowers, to dinner, to jewelry, to even a trip, nothing is too outrageous a carrot to dangle in front of someone’s face. Once you sign up with the app, you can swipe through people until you find one worth bribing. Questionable? Slightly. But, given the nature of the app, it’s pretty likely that the type of people you’ll find using it are the ones who believe you can put a price on love.

Sure, mobile apps based solely on images, mutual friends, or bribes don’t necessarily mean a match made in heaven. If you are looking for something lighthearted and fun this Valentine’s Day though, using a mobile app might be the perfect solution.

Will you use a mobile app to find a date this Valentine’s day?

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