Find local concerts through iTunes

guitar.jpgiConcertCal is a neat new plug-in for iTunes that recommends concerts and gigs in your area based on the music you’ve been listening to. It’s a very nice idea and slots neatly into the iTunes interface, in the form of a calendar of local events, drawn up automatically based on your IP address and your musical preferences. Alternatively, you can enter the address of a town or city you are visiting, and search for concerts there.

Unfortunately, the service is only available to US users at the moment (and even then, not all major towns are covered) and the search is by no means comprehensive in terms of the number of listings returned. However, the developer assures us that it is working on adding more sources for smaller web sites in local areas to boost search capabilities. We love the idea of being given instant local gig recommendations without having to trawl through newspaper or magazine listings, and hope to see iConcertCal stretch beyond the shores of the States before too long.

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