Find the lyrics to your favorite songs

Elena Santos


MiniLyricsI love singing my favorite songs out loud when I’m driving my car or doing house chores. This is why I like to read their lyrics at least once, so I can catch any missing word and learn them by heart over time. One of the easiest solutions is looking lyrics up on the Internet, as there are literally thousands of websites with vast lyrics collections. But today I found a great tool that can save me lots of browsing time: it’s called MiniLyrics and it finds the lyrics for almost any song you play on your PC, without having to touch a single button.

MiniLyrics is compatible with more than a dozen players, including Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player or XMplay amongst others. I tried it with Winamp, not sure if this was going to work out fine, but I must say I’m impressed. MiniLyrics was able to find every single song I played on Winamp, from British techno to Spanish cheesy summer hits, from Japanese pop to old disco hits. As soon as it finds the right song, the lyrics are displayed on a separate window which, of course, you can use for your own private karaoke sessions. Sometimes the program requires a little user intervention, like in the case of finding several results or if the file’s tags are not properly filled in. But then you only have to right click on the program’s interface and use the Search function. The whole process hardly takes a minute.

How is that possible? you might be wondering. It’s all thanks to a large community of users, who feed the MiniLyrics database with new lyrics everyday, so that other users like you and me can happily sing to their favorite bands. So if any time you find a song without lyrics, don’t be shy and add it yourself –you’ll make someone happy.

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