Find the nearest bathroom using your iPhone

Find the nearest bathroom using your iPhone

Toilet FinderHow many times have you been busting for the restrooms in a strange neighborhood wondering where the heck you can relieve yourself? Install Bathroom Finder on your iPhone or iPod touch and you’ll never get caught short again.

Bathroom Finder is a free app that shows you the locations of the nearest public conveniences, wherever you are (unless, of course you’re in a desert or a forest or something, but then, who cares?) The app lists local toilets and shows you where they are on a map.

You can view more information about the bathrooms, such as their distance, disabled access information and whether or not you have to pay to use them. The lavatories listed even have a rating system, so you can see what other users thought about them.

If you really take going to the toilet seriously then you could also install the practical, if not pretty gross, Poo Log app, which allows you to monitor your bowel activities on your Apple device.

Incidentally, Seinfeld’s George Costanza will be fuming that his idea for an iPhone app has been taken off him (again). If you haven’t seen George’s iToilet invention in Curb Your Enthusiasm you’d be potty not to go check it out.


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