Firefox 9 beta released

Firefox 9 beta released

Firefox 9 has officially gone from Alpha (Aurora) to Beta now that Firefox 8 final has been released. Mozilla continues to follow the same strategy as Google does with Chrome, creating different development channels to release early versions of their browser as soon as they’re available and keep the final one updated as often as possible.

There are several improvement in Firefox 9, although a few of them will only really benefit Mac users. For instance, there’s improved theme integration for OS X Lion and Mozilla have finally added two finger swipe navigation for Lion.

There’s also added support for querying Do Not Track status via JavaScript and improved general JavaScript performance courtesy of adding Type Inference. There have been several other minor tweaks too including improved standards support for HTML5, MathML, and CSS and overall stability has been improved.

The interface is pretty much the same as Firefox 8, with a minimalist toolbar and there’s still no way of removing elements that you may not want such as Java and .Net Framework. The major downside for most users however is that some plug-ins or add-ons won’t work with Firefox 9 yet – so if you have a lot installed, prepare to be disappointed.

Firefox 9 Beta has some useful enhancements for fans of the browser, especially those on Mac.

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