Firefox add-ons for food lovers, gourmets and gluttons

Niamh Lynch

There’s no better foodie fun than spending a few hours browsing the web for new recipes, ideas, information and discussion. Get the most out of your surfing by leveraging a few Firefox add-ons that will make the experience even more fun!

First, you’ll need to search for delicious recipes. There are loads of add-ons that simply add a foodie search engine to the options in the navigation toolbar search. This is a really easy way of making recipe searches even faster, and you can add several without weighing down the browser. I’ve tried a few personally – Epicurious is great for big-name US chefs and will appeal to BigOven users. GoCook, meanwhile, has something for everyone while Opensourcefood takes you to, an irresistible web 2.0 recipe resource. If you find recipes you really like, use an add-on like recipefox to “grab” and add them to your collection.


There’s also plenty of tools for Firefox that you might not have thought of, but will come in really handy on your culinary explorations. If you are a fan of international cuisine, you might need a converter for those funny recipes in pounds/grams/fathoms (delete as appropriate). Converter‘s a great one that I can’t live without – although for the dreaded cup/gram problem, you’ll have to manually input the conversion.

Now, I hate to end the post on a negative, but both you and I know that dedicated foodies have a tendency to become a bit chubby. Make sure you keep a handle on your calorie intake with Food and Calorie Finder, a cool add-on that automatically scans the page for food items and displays their nutritional value in a side bar. Now there’s no excuse!

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