Firefox extensions for a day at the beach

A day at the beachHere at Softonic we’re already preparing for the weekend: tons of sunscreen lotion, a colorful king-sized towel and our laptop loaded with a nice selection of Firefox summer extensions is all we need to spend a nice, geeky beach day. Once we find the perfect spot on the sand, with great sea views and full Wi-Fi coverage, what else can we ask for?

  • Check the weather forecast with ForecastFox before starting to pack your beach bag
  • Lots of sun? Perfect! Grab your bookmarks with Foxmarks and you’re ready to go!
  • Put some lotion on, lay down and start Foxytunes with your favorite music
  • After taking a refreshing dip, it’s time to browse the web with Stumbleupon
  • Share your beach day! Use ScribeFire for your blog or send a twitter with Twitterbar
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