Firefox, Opera will support Windows XP after Microsoft abandons it

Following in Google’s footsteps, Mozilla and Opera announced that they would be supporting their browsers on Windows XP after Microsoft discontinues support for the operating system. Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows XP in April of next year, killing off the twelve year-old operating system.

Both Mozilla and Opera have stated they will continue supporting Windows XP users as long as there’s enough demand. Neither company to committed to how much time would pass before they would have to pull support for Windows XP. This means Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer browser will be abandoned on Windows XP while third party browsers will continue to be supported.

Running a discontinued operating system poses huge security risks for users since Microsoft will no long patch the operating system against malware and security holes. By supporting their respective web browsers postmortem, Google, Opera, and Mozilla are helping users stay safe by providing in-browser security measures.

Microsoft is urging Windows XP users to update to a modern version of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8 to stay secure.


[Source: PC Pro]

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