Firefox wants to set a Guinness World Record

Download Day - EnglishFirefox surely has many stats with which to set a world record, but now the Mozilla developers are pursuing a higher aim: obtaining an authentic Guinness World Record with the highest number of software downloads in 24 hours.

Of course, they can’t achieve this goal on their own, so they’re kindly requesting help from all Firefox users worldwide – which is something they’re used to, being an open-source project. So if you’re willing to help Firefox to obtain this record, head over to the special Firefox World Record website they’ve set up and sign the pledge to get your copy of Firefox during the Download Day. At the moment I’m writing this post there are currently more than 578,000 pledges, but I’m sure they’re going to grow very quickly. Then, after doing your bit, you can contribute to the campaign by downloading any of the available banners and logos.

Now, when is that Download Day going to take place? Bingo: it’ll be the day when the official Firefox 3 is finally released. This means we don’t know the exact date yet, but apparently if you subscribe to the download pledge you’ll be notified by e-mail (if you leave an e-mail address, that is). Otherwise, you can always check the site on a regular basis until the great day comes… can’t wait anymore!

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