First armenian 3D driving game

foto1194.jpgWe often fall upon the odd software every now and then, but you can imagine our surprise when we discovered Yerevan Drive. The game cover presents what looks like a white car (license plate labeled Yerevan or Yeah Baby depending on your version) surging through flames. According to the developers Yerevan Drive consists of a rally through the streets of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The menu is all in Armenian, so we more or less guessed our way through it until we reached the vehicle selection screen. While the cars look like boxier and more crudely modelized versions of their real counterparts, you can definitely recognize the BMW 760li, Mercedes CL600 or Audi TT.

The game itself starts out in what is supposed to be Yerevan, although judging from the buildings and roads it could be any city. We couldn’t really make out any historical monument and the only things of Armenian character were the banners alongside the roads and the music. The map and car are pretty well rendered and you can even see the reflections of the buildings and trees onto your car! However the game itself is fairly limited: no competitors, no time limit, is this just a drive through Erevan or a rally? I guess the developers wanted to create their own driving game and the choice of cars matters more than the location to them.

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