First images of Microsoft’s OneDrive leaked

First images of Microsoft’s OneDrive leaked

The first leaked images of Onedrive – Microsoft’s upcoming re-branding of it’s cloud storage service SkyDrive – have leaked. Microsoft was forced into the name change after losing a trademark battle with the UK satellite TV provider BSkyB.

The re-branded service was announced on January 27th, but no concrete launch date is known. The leaked images, from, show a largely unchanged design with the new OneDrive name. There is a new feature though: “co-owned folders”. These are for collaboration, and allow you to invite other users to edit and add to your folder.

Until now, shared folders did not sync with the desktop client, which could mean collaborating on files was awkward. The new co-owned folders fix this, meaning you will see any co-owned files and folders in the desktop client too.



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