First look at the new Do Not Track Plus

First look at the new Do Not Track Plus

Abine are set to release the all new version of Do Not Track Plus on December 11th and we’ve been given a preview of it now called DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe). DNTMe is a simple extension for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari which automatically blocks sites from tracking your surfing activity.

Along with Ghostery, Do Not Track Plus is one of the most popular privacy protection add-ons available so we took a look at what’s changed in DNTMe.

DNTMe features a new icon in the top right hand corner with a number indicating how many trackers have been blocked.

By clicking on the icon, you can expand DNTMe to see exactly what has been blocked.

Abine say that DNTMe is better than the built-in tracking blocking in most popular browsers because it actively blocks tracking, while major browsers only passively asks that advertisers and websites stop tracking: it’s not mandatory, and it doesn’t give web users more privacy in its current form according to Abine.

The social network tracker has been revised to deal with the increasing demands of Facebook and Google+ tracking. Facebook and Google+ can still track some of your surfing activity even after you’ve signed out which is blocked by DNTMe.

Interestingly, DNTMe also highlights those sites that don’t track you. If you visit Wikipedia for example, the sun comes out indicating that the sites does not track you and you can even announce this good news on Facebook or Twitter.

You can see how many trackers have been blocked by DNTMe in the expanded privacy window.

You can even win medals for blocking although there’s no actual prize for getting Gold.

Even if privacy doesn’t concern you on the net, there are performance advantages to using DNTMe. Blocking trackers can speed-up page loading by up to 4 times according to Abine.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the new DNTMe from December 11th but in the meantime, you can still use the current version known as Do Not Track Plus which is still an excellent privacy extension.

Do Not Track Plus for Firefox

Do Not Track Plus for Chrome

Do Not Track Plus for Safari

Do Not Track Plus for Internet Explorer

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