First look at WinRAR 3.80 Beta

First look at WinRAR 3.80 Beta

WinRAR has recently launched version 3.80, currently in Beta stage. This new version keeps exactly the same appearance as previous ones, which is always good for users because we don’t have to relearn anything from scratch. However there are quite a few new features that make WinRAR an even more handy utility.

WinRAR 3.80 Beta

The first one is related to new supported formats: WinRAR 3.80 Beta can compress files in UTF-8 format and WinZip encrypted archives, for a higher level of security. Also regarding security, this new version allows you to delete temporary WinRAR files in a safer way by providing the “Wipe temporary files” option in the Settings > Security dialog window. Moreover, a new “Options” tab in the archiving dialog that enables you to choose between deleting, sending to the recycle bin or simply wiping those files right away once they’ve been saved to an archive.

WinRAR 3.80 BetaFocusing more on usability, the new WinRAR 3.80 Beta features now both the “Ask before overwrite” and “Skip existing files” possibilities in the archive extraction dialog window. These options were already available in previous versions, but now they’ve been made even easier to use. Another great new feature is the possibility to add archiving profiles right into Windows Explorer’s context menu, so that you can archive anything according to your own settings in just a couple of clicks.

As you can see, WinRAR 3.80 Beta may not be a major update, though it does feature some nice improvements that make it safer and easier to use. But you know, small things count! If you want to give it a try and see for yourself, head on to the WinRAR website and download the file. The Beta version works for a trial period of 40 days.

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