Five Android apps to get you through the World Cup

Five Android apps to get you through the World Cup

The 2010 World Cup is just days away, meaning now is the time to arm yourself with as much soccer-related paraphernalia as you can get your hands on. I’m already tooled up with sticker albums, replica shirts, and air horns but being a bit of a techie I thought I’d deck my Android phone out with World Cup gadgets too.

Although the Android platform doesn’t have quite as many World Cup apps as the iPhone or Facebook, there’s plenty of football fun to be downloaded from the Market. Here are some of my favorites:

World Cup QuizWorld Cup Quiz will test your knowledge of the tournament. It features a broad range of teasers, covering everything from questions about past World Cups through to jersey identification. All the questions are multiple choice, and even if you’re a big soccer buff, you’ll find World Cup Quiz a tough challenge.

The SunThe Sun Football World Cup app provides you with expert coverage of the whole tournament. As well as the latest news, the app offers photo galleries, videos, polls and in-depth statistics of all the matches. You can even take part in the Sun’s World Cup Dream Team competition via the application.

VuvuzelaLove them or hate them, the vuvuzela will be ringing in your ears for the entire World Cup. If you want to whip up some atmosphere (and annoy your neighbors) with the screech of the horn then install Virtual Vuvuzela on your Android device. Simply shake your phone or tap the screen to bring the noise.

World Cup 2010If you want to stay in touch with everything that’s happening in South Africa during the World Cup, then install World Cup 2010 – FotMob on your phone. World Cup 2010 – FotMob brings you all the latest news, results, scores and standings from the tournament. The free Android app arranges all of this information in an attractive user interface.

Funky FootballIf you’re stuck for things to do in between matches, then install Funky Football on your phone. This Android soccer strategy game  sees you take charge of an international team and try to lead them to glory. The game is very simple to pick up and play, and there are 18 different teams to choose from. You can choose to play one-off matches or compete in tournaments.

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