Five Apps to Improve your Instagram Experience

Five Apps to Improve your Instagram Experience

Since Instagram released its API four months ago, we’ve seen lots of new apps being developed to work with the popular photo-based social network. Whether they aim to provide users with a more comfortable interface for browsing their pictures or to allow them to make use of published images to create something completely new, these Instagram apps have created a niche of their own in the software market. And some of them are really worth taking a look at!

Screenstagram – This free app takes Instagram images and turns them into a screensaver for your Mac. The good thing about Screenstagram is that it can be used without an Instagram account, in which case it takes pictures from the ‘Popular’ feed – but if you use your login credentials, it’ll create a more personal screensaver with your photos and those of your friends.

Carousel – Though it’s a paid app, Carousel is also a great alternative interface to interact with Instagram – with the added value of not having to use your browser. This Mac desktop client gives you access to all of Instagram’s basic functionality, including photo browsing, commenting and liking images, and finding new users to follow. It also lets you save images to your Mac just by dragging and dropping them onto the desktop.

Instagallery – With this app you can browse your Instagram photos from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad: check popular images, revise your liked photos, view images in full screen, jump to images taken by the same person or with the same tag, search for and start following users, and more. You can also select any set of photos as a slideshow, and use AirPlay to display them on an Apple TV.

Webstagram – Defined as an Instagram web viewer, Webstagram provides you with an alternative web interface to browse your photo feed, leave comments on your friends’ photos, check out popular images, search for specific tags and even start following new users. On the downside, this web app is somewhat unstable and sometimes displays a “can’t access data” error message.

Extragram – Personally I don’t like it as much as Webstagram in terms of design and usability, but Extragram a lot faster and more stable. It lets you browse images, like and comment on your friends’ photos and start following people as well. Like Webstagram, you need to grant this web app permission to access your Instagram account – permission you can revoke at any time in your Instagram account’s settings.

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