Five Apps to Try This Weekend – April 17th 2015

Five Apps to Try This Weekend – April 17th 2015

Welcome back to Five Apps to Try this Weekend, our (usually) weekly show that gives you ideas on how to keep yourself busy between Friday and Monday.

This week we kick off with Wattpad, the ebook reader for iOS and Android. Yes, it’s not exactly new, but it has just received an update and with International Book Day just around the corner, it seemed appropriate.

If you’re not especially booky and prefer a bit of sport, then we also have’s At Bat – the iOS and Android app that provides your portal to Filled with stats and news from your favorite teams, and a premium service that lets you stream all of the 2015 season, this one is a must for fans.

Three games round up our selection this week. The brutal Mortal Kombat X on PC has you once again trying to defend Earthrealm from encroaching evil in the most viscous ways possible. And if you don’t have a PC that can run it on, then there are always the mobile version.

Next is TellTale Games’ Game of Thrones… game… in honor of the new season of the fantastic fantasy series which out now on almost everything. Also, if you want to be sure you never miss an episode of show then we also recommend grabbing the HBO (iOS | Android) GO app.

Finally is the Behemoth, GTA V. The multi-award winning GTA V, which has now finally made its way to PC. While the single player remains basically the same as its original console release, this new version features improved graphics and the Rockstar Editor which lets you create stunning movies your in-game escapades.

That’s it for this week, remember to subscribe, and we will see you in 7 days.

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