Five Apps to Try This Weekend – April 3rd 2015 (kind of)

Five Apps to Try This Weekend – April 3rd 2015 (kind of)

Hi and welcome to back to Softonic’s Five Apps to Try This Weekend for April 3rd. Yes, April 3rd. There is a small chance that we made a little mistake and had this prepared before our short vacation and then forgot to post it. Anyway, we actually had something a little different prepared for the hiatus, moving our focus from the newest and freshest apps to look at five fantastic and safe games to keep your kids busy.

This week, we have games that encourage imagination. Minecraft (iOSAndroid) is unquestionably top of class here, so we have dutifully included it in all of its open-world, discovery, and creation glory. But it is not alone, with Playworld Super Heroes (iOS) is also on hand to encourage your kids to build and design their own superheroes with whom to save the world.

If you want something a little more sedate to calm you little ones down, then we recommend either the charming The Snowman and the Snowdog (iOS | Android | Windows Phone), or the colorful Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer (iOS | Android | Windows Phone). Finally, if you want something more focused on learning then there is the captivating Metamorphabet (iOS), a wonderful tool to teach the alphabet and build vocabulary.

Sorry again for the confusion with this video, and we will be resuming our usual schedule this Friday (that’s the 17th of April). If you don’t want to miss an episode, be sure to subscribe.

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