Five Apps to Try This Weekend: essential holiday apps

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With summer almost here, we have hunted down the best apps to make your holiday get away all the more perfect. There are our five essential travel apps.

Our first recommendation is one that you will actually need before you head off on your holiday, PackPoint (Andriod|iOS). This app helps pick exactly what you should take with you to your destination of choice after asking you just a few, simple questions.

Five Apps to Try This Weekend: essential holiday apps

While we don’t recommend spending all your time online while on vacation, our second app this week is for those of you who need to stay connected while away. As its name suggests WiFi Finder (Andriod|iOS) helps you sniff out available local WiFi networks, essential if you need to upload pictures of every single meal.

Our number three is Foodspotting (Andriod|iOS|Win), an app that instantly recommends the best places to eat near you. To add a little spice to this foodie app, rather than just finding good restaurants, it focuses on each establishment’s specialty – meaning you can find the best calzone in New York, not just the best pizza restaurant.

The classic Google Goggles is our fourth app. Just take a photo of any building, poster, book, icon, or barcode, and within seconds, you’ll have information about it. This somewhat forgotten Google app is no longer available for iPhone, so iOS users may want to check out Phind.

Finally we have Trip Journal (Andriod|iOS), an app that helps you create beautiful memories of your vacation. With Trip Journal can visually relive and share your journey with all of your photos and videos mapped to their location thanks to some beautiful Google Earth integration.

That’s is for our holiday app recommendations, but if you can think of any more be sure to let us know in the comments. We will be back next week with another five apps, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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