Five Apps to Try This Weekend: featuring Mucho Party and Simple Machines

Five Apps to Try This Weekend: featuring Mucho Party and Simple Machines

In this week’s Five Apps to Try This Weekend we focus on a problem most parents experience – keeping your children appropriately entertained while travelling. Whether you are in a car or a plane, the point comes when you become bored of playing Eye Spy or explaining just how much longer the journey will take, and that is where these apps come in.

First up is My Talking Ginger (Android|iOS|WP). Part of the ever popular My Talking Tom family of virtual pets, this cute little app has an adorable kitten repeating everything you say. Plus, while having fun, this game teaches the value ​​of responsibility and care.

If you have two children, and only one tablet, then Mucho Party (Android|iOS) is the perfect app to keep both of them happy.  This collection of hilarious multiplayer mini-games should have everyone laughing – unless the children in question are particularly competitive.

Simple Machines (iOS) is our third pick. It is a great looking app that teaches your children the basic concepts of physics and engineering – such as slopes, levers, and pulleys – though a series of beautifully designed puzzles.

If your child has more of a flare for the creative then we recommend Junimong (Android|iOS). With this app you can draw on the screen of a tablet or phone with digital versions of all the tools you would expect to find in a well stocked pencil case – and a few others beside.

Finally, we have Camstar (iOS). We all like taking photos, and this app not only lets you take a snapshot, but also twist and contort it to your will. It’s simple, effective, and incredibly fun.

That’s it, you are now ready to travel. We will be back next week with another five apps, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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