Five Apps to Try this Weekend – May 1st 2015

Five Apps to Try this Weekend – May 1st 2015

It is Friday May 1st, summer is another month closer, and we are back with another Five Apps to Try This Weekend.

We kick-off with an odd one this week, My Idol (iOS) – the app that lets you take a photo of your own face in order to create your very own idol of yourself. Once created, you can add your own choice of fashion, posses, make-up, and probably lots of other stuff… but honestly we can’t be sure as the whole interface is in Chinese.

Yik Yak (iOS|Android) is next, which describes itself as bulletin board app – think of it as a local Twitter, as it only shows your brief musings to people within 1.5 miles of your location.

This week sees us looking at three games, the first of which is Word Academy (iOS|Android), a simple but addictive puzzler where you have to construct specific words from a jumbled grid of letters. If words aren’t your thing, but you still want to confound your brain with conundrums, then we have Does not Commute (iOS|Android) – a stylish and intriguing puzzler that has you trying to direct cars to their destination.

No interest in puzzles? Fine, we have you covered too with DiRT Rally (PC). Delivering an authentic rally experience, this point-to-point racer is Early Access, but with 17 cars, 3 locations, and 36 stages already on offer, it is already looking pretty special.

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