Five essential apps for the iPad

Five essential apps for the iPad

So you got an iPad for Christmas? Congratulations! It’s really a state-of-the-art gadget, wonderfully designed and with lots of apps available to customize it. Talking about apps, this may be the first question that pops into your head when you start using your iPad: which apps should I download? There are literally thousands of them on the App Store, so let us recommend just five – the five essential apps you should install on your brand-new iPad.

Instapaper – An excellent tool that saves web pages for later offline reading. Instapaper is the perfect way to read those long articles you never have time for, while commuting, queueing or waiting for the doctor. The articles in Instapaper are optimized for perfect readability, and can be sent from over 130 other apps.

Flipboard – Check social networks like you never did before. With Flipboard you can see what your friends are up to on Facebook and Twitter, read the latest articles on your favorite Google Reader feeds and see the most recent photos shared on Flickr in a totally different way: a completely customized magazine, created on the spot for you.

Air Video – If space is an issue to watch videos on the iPad. AirVideo is the solution. With this awesome app you can watch all the videos on your computer without having to sync them with the iPad. Video is streamed over air and converted in real time! Air Video works with almost all video formats and is packed with features.

Kindle -The iPad version of Kindle is optimized for this gadget’s gorgeous screen, enabling you to read Kindle books on a neat, easy-to-use interface. You have access to the entire Kindle catalog with over 750,000 titles, including best-sellers and new releases. Plus all your books, notes, bookmarks and more are synced via Amazon.

Plants vs. Zombies – There are excellent games for the iPad, but Plants vs. Zombies is probably one of the best you can get. The HD version looks amazing on the 6” screen, and the game is as insanely addictive as its iPhone version. Will you be able to get rid of all 26 types of zombies threatening your home?

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