Five free and terrifying alternatives to Slender

Five free and terrifying alternatives to Slender

The indie horror game Slender is becoming a mini-phenomenon, proving once again that you don’t need a huge budget and a team of hundreds to create compelling video games (but please do finish GTA V soon, Rockstar, we love you too!)

If you’ve finished Slender and are looking for more thrills and chills, I’ve found five more indie horror games that will fit the bill.

SCP – Containment Breach

SCP (Special Containment Procedures) is another world of internet horror stories, which can be found at The SCP Foundation site. SCP – Containment Breach is based on some of the ideas found in these stories, especially a horrific being referred to as SCP-173. It’s your job to look after this deadly creature, but when things go wrong and the lights go out, you find yourself alone in a containment facility where more than one deadly entity awaits in the darkness…


Coming from the same source of stories, SCP-087 is about an apparently endless staircase, winding downwards which is impossible to light. It sounds like a young girl is trapped and pleading for help, but you never seem to get closer to the sound. If you’re afraid of the dark, this game will really scare you. How far down can you go?

The Corridor

This Russian game is unfinished, but what’s playable is really atmospheric. You awake in a hotel feeling strange, and open your door to find the corridor looks longer than you remember. I really like the nostalgic decor in the game, which adds a lot to the creepy atmosphere.


Although it predates Slender, Hide feels similar. You have to discover locations to complete the game, which starts in a creepy and dark forest. This game is made in beautiful pixelated retro graphics, and every location you discover triggers something horrible to hunt you down. Despite the retro looks, Hide still delivers a lot of tension, and the monsters are great.


Based on the same idea as SCP-087, this version ramps up the claustrophobia and adds more corridors and rooms to the descending staircases. It’s an extremely dark game, and it really delivers the scares. It’s procedurally generated, which means every play through will be different, and you can never be sure what’s around the next corner.. or right behind you.

Do you know any other chilling indie games?

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