Five great Skyrim mods

Five great Skyrim mods

Recently I explained how to install mods in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, so you can alter various aspects of what many people are calling the game of 2011. Now, here are five of my favorite mods for Skyrim:

4GB Skyrim

It’s a bit boring, but if you have a powerful gaming PC with 64-bit Windows 7, this allows the game to take advantage of the entire 4GB Virtual Memory Address Space. This will reduce instances of slowdown in the game when things get busy. Great! Download here

World Map in full 3D

This mod changes the in game map so you can zoom right in, almost to ground level, easily exploring without having to actually walk around! The file page has instructions for use, with some advice for making some personalizations, like adding clouds. Download here

Realistic Water Textures

I love this – it divides the water in Skyrim into categories: puddles, rivers, oceans. While oceans and rivers are subtly improved, the puddle category really give marshland a more realistic feel. Water in marshes is now much stiller and marsh-like. Download here

No More Blocky Faces

Even though I think ‘blocky’ is a bit of an exaggeration, this mod does smooth out some features to make faces look more realistic. It’s a small thing, but I like the overall effect, and you spend quite a lot of time looking at faces in the game. Download here

Skyrim Sunglare V3

This mod gives the sun a cinematic glare and occasional ‘lens flare’ effect. No performance improvement, and it’s not more realistic. But it’s very attractive! Download here

[adapted from OnSoftware Netherlands]

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