Five hair salon and styling programs

Five hair salon and styling programs

SalonSalon II screenshotIf you think your PC can’t do much for your hairstyle or beauty aspirations, then think again. There are several programs and applications out there designed to help you experiment with styles, run your salon or just have fun. Here’s our top 5 selection:

Sally’s Salon doesn’t exactly compare with the real thing but it does give you chance to go scissor crazy and style everything from punks to old grannies. Your task is to basically help Sally run a successful salon over 50 levels of difficulty progressing through 10 salons from backstreet barber shop to international glamour chain.

Hair Pro allows you to experiment with styles before you even walk into a salon. It lets you visualize hundreds of hairstyles superimposed onto a digital picture of yourself before you let the hairdresser loose.

SalonSalon II meanwhile is aimed at professional hairdressers and comes complete with appointments book, customer database with photo inserts and an inventory.

CarteBlanche is aimed at those that need both a professional tool for running a salon and a way for customers to preview their prospective hairstyles

Belle’s Beauty Boutique finally is a game for those who want to perform the full works – haircut, facial, massage, salon gossip and even flirting with the customers.

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