Five humans behind the memes

Five humans behind the memes

You either love them or you hate them, but one thing’s for sure, you can’t escape them.

“Memes” have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and regularly haunt our social media feeds with the usual faces, and those bold, white letters.

But, who are these people?We decided to delve a little deeper to understand who these people are, and how their faces have become nothing short of internet sensations.

1. Blake Boston

Known as “Scumbag Steve”, Blake Boston is now a 25-year-old living in Boston. His mom apparently took the famous photo which he uploaded to his MySpace account many years ago.  He apparently doesn’t get recognized in the street simply because he’s put on so much weight.

2. Silvia Bottini

Italian-born Bottini is better known as “First World Problems” girl, and is a full time model and actress. The image in question was simply a stock photo image which has gained her tearful expression internet stardom!

3. Jonathan Goldsmith

Better known as “The Most Interesting Guy in the World”, Jonathan Goldsmith is an American actor, who starred in the advertisement for “Dos Equis”beer, where the image is originally from. He’s well-known for his extremely deep voice and is a very keen sailor, as you can see.

4. Sammy Griner

The original photo was taken by Laney, the child’s Mother, who later uploaded it onto Flickr back in 2007. He quickly became popular as the kid who “hates sandcastles” but was later renamed “Success Kid” which has stuck ever since.

5. Lania Morris

Famous for being the “Overly Attached Girlfriend”, Texan Laina Morris gained internet fame through her YouTube channel where she first created the character. She continues to create similar videos and has over half a million subcribers on YouTube.

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