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Five ways to share your music on Twitter

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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Share your music on TwitterEveryone loves sharing stuff online. Whether it’s music, videos or simple photos, we find the human impulse to share hard to resist. And if you mix this natural tendency – especially regarding music – and a popular social network such as Twitter, you end up with a bunch of mashups and online tools that enable you to share your music on Twitter in a very easy way. Here are some of them:

  • TwittyTunes – lets you post the song you’re currently playing to Twitter. You can select specifically which songs you want to share. Requires the FoxyTunes Firefox extension to work.
  • Twisten – created by the same developers of Grooveshark – and therefore featuring a large music collection – this music sharing app updates your Twitter profile with with the song you’re listening to, plus some links with information about the artist.
  • Tweetj – add a #tweetj tag to your tweets and they’ll be automatically added to a public playlist with the music you listen to. These lists let you to discover new music and include links to buy those MP3 on Amazon.
  • – this full-featured social community built around music enables you to share your favorite songs and bands in other social networks, including Twitter.
  • LastFMLoveTweet – sign up for this mashup and any song you ‘love’ on will automatically posted to your Twitter account with the artist’s name and a link for your followers to listen to it as well.
Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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