Flappy Bird has been copied a lot: may also be a clone

Jonathan Riggall


The latest viral smartphone game, Flappy Bird has unsurprisingly seen a swathe of copycat apps in its wake. A French developer is even claiming Flappy Bird itself is a clone of his game Piou Piou from 2011.

A Tumblr has been setup called iwantaclone, which is documenting all the clones it can find of Flapp Bird and other games. There are many, from Floppy Penguin, Flappy Angry Bird, Flappy Pants Bird, Flippy Flappy Bird and of course, Happy Poo Flap. All feature exactly the same irritating gameplay, and the Tumblr even has examples of ads looking for developers to make clones.

Flappy Bird has been copied a lot: may also be a clone

A French developer, Zanorg, has claimed Flappy Birds is a clone of its 2011 game ‘Piou-Piou contre les cactus.’ It’s certainly a very similar game, although Piou-Piou itself is hardly original. The raft of Flappy Clones certainly highlight why developers get so angry at clones – seen in this light, maybe’s attempts to trademark ‘Candy’ and ‘Saga’ are not so ridiculous after all.


[Source: iwantaclone]

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