Flickr for iOS now supports auto uploads

Flickr for iOS now supports auto uploads

Yahoo! updated its photo hosting and sharing site, Flickr, with 1TB of storage back in May. Today, the company updated its Flickr app for iOS to support automatic photo uploads, letting users take advantage of that vast amount of storage space.

Auto uploading photos isn’t anything new; Google offers automatic picture upload via Google+ and Apple has its own Photo Stream. But where Yahoo! beats out its competitors is with its 1TB of storage. Google+ offers unlimited storage for photos that are shrunken down, while Photo Stream can only store up to 1,000 of your most recent photos.

To access the auto upload feature in Flickr for iOS, hit the “More” button at the bottom right. You’ll see a toggle for Auto Upload and you can specify for photos to upload only on Wi-Fi or on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. By default, photos will be set to private and are uploaded in full resolution, making Flickr a great way to back up pictures from your phone.

In addition to auto uploads, Flickr for iOS also gets  a few minor photo editor changes. There’s now an option to automatically straighten photos with one tap. Manual adjustments are still there to touch up your photos before sharing.


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Source: Yahoo!

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