Follow the football on your PC

Keep your eye on the ballsNow that the Premiership and La Liga seasons have kicked off, I’ve just made my annual pilgrimage to the newsagent to buy my sticker albums and wallcharts. This year though, I’m also planning to use my computer to track all the latest stats from Europe’s football leagues. I’ve downloaded a copy of Ltrack, which lets you monitor your team’s highs and lows over the next few months.

Its interface is pretty simple but there’s a lot you can do with the app. As well as showing the league table standings, a wide selection of statistical information can be displayed, printed or exported in a variety of formats. I’m a massive stat fan and was impressed by the way you can view data on teams, players, goals and red and yellow cards.

You can display, print or export these statistics and tables in a variety of different formats and there’s a handy online update facility to keep your league up-to-date with the latest results over the Net. This feature is only available for certain leagues, but Ltrack is still a much easier way of tracking football league data than scribbling on a wallchart.

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