Follow the Olympic Torch in Google Maps

Follow the Olympic Torch in Google Maps

A month ago the Olympic Torch started its voyage from Greece to Beijing, and is now on a world tour via many different cities until August 8th, the day when the Olympic Games are due to start. Meanwhile we can follow its route – and also all the difficulties it’s encountering – on TV news, newspapers and websites, but now there’s also another way to track the torch’s adventures: Google Maps.

Track the Olympic Torch on Google Maps

Google has set up a special page where you can see the Olympic Torch voyage plan, including a brief history of Olympic traditions and also some information and pictures of every single city the Torch will visit on its way to China. Once there, you’ll be able to also track the Torch’s route along several Chinese towns and villages, until it finally arrives to Beijing.

Oddly enough, the Google Maps Torch relay doesn’t say a word about demonstrations against the Chinese Olympic Games and the several attempts to blow the Torch off.

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