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In case you hadn’t noticed the 2012 Olympics is now upon us. If you’re keen to know what’s going on at the Games or if you just want a bit of sports-related fun, then it’s well worth checking out the official Olympic apps that have been released to coincide with the London Games.

There are three official apps available for both Android and iOS – the London 2012 Results App, the London 2012 Join In App, and the London 2012 Official Game. The London 2012 Results app is also available for Windows Phone devices. Both of the apps are free, and there are free and paid versions of the game.

Here’s the lowdown on the apps and games:

London 2012 Results App

The official London 2012 Results App keeps you informed of everything that’s going on at this year’s summer games.

You can use the London 2012 Results App to follow events live (text but no audio/video), view the schedule of upcoming events and check results, check out the medals table, read athlete profiles and get customized news and information based on your country. You can view the schedule/results for all the events of a sport, read news, check out photos and access more information about each one.

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London 2012 Join In App

The London 2012 Join In App is designed to help you feel like a part of the Games. It allows you to plan and share your experience of the 2012 Olympics. Unlike the Results App, it contains information about the program of events away from the sports themselves, such as the torch relay, the opening and closing ceremonies, and all the community celebrations happening in London.

If you’re going to the Olympics or Paralympics this year then you’ll find this app especially useful. It contains lots of information about how to get there and what to do while you’re there.

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London 2012 Official Game

Think you’ve got what it takes to win Olympic gold? Install the London 2012 Official Game and test your button-bashing against other athletes in a series of events.

There are lots of events to play in the London 2012 Official Game, including 100 meters sprint, 110 meters hurdles, skeet shooting and 100 meters swimming. Only three events are able to play from the start and you can unlock more by using stars. Stars are earned by performance in the game or can be bought via an in-app purchase. The free version of the London 2012 Official Game includes 2,000 stars, though if you pay for the premium version you get an extra 3,000 stars.

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