Follow the SS Endeavor mission in Google Earth

The space shuttle Endeavor took off this morning on its final mission. If you want to follow the progress of its historic trip then go check out NASA’s cosmic Google Earth plug-in.

Google Earth Endeavor plug-in

Real-Time Space Shuttle in Google Earth uses live data from Mission Control to plot the current location of Endeavor in relation to the Earth. You’ll see the trajectory of the craft marked as a yellow line, and you’ll also be able to track all kinds of mission events such as solid rocket booster separation, main engine cut-off and external tank separation.

Other information displayed by the Real-Time Space Shuttle plug-in includes speed milestones, altitude milestones and landing events. You can choose to auto-follow the Endeavor or switch to manual controls to explore the path of the shuttle yourself.

To access this great space travel tool, simply download the live groundtrack file then open it in Google Earth.

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