Follow the Tour de France in Google Maps

Follow the Tour de France in Google Maps

The Tour de France, one of the most important cycling competitions in the world, started its 2008 edition last weekend ago in Brest, to the North-West of France. This was just the first stage of a 22-day race in which cyclists will cover more than 3,500 kilometers along the plains, valleys and hills of the country, supported by hundreds of fans, and closely followed by television cameras, news photographers and radio sports commentators.

But traditional media is not the only one to follow the Tour 2008. As explained on Google’s blog, you can also keep track of the Tour de France in Google Maps, making use of its Street View function.

Follow the Tour de France in Google Maps

The complete Tour de France 2008 route has been photographed and embedded into Google Maps so that we can experience the race as if we were standing right on the side of the road. Simply click on any of the locations included in the route and zoom in to see more detail.

I haven’t been able to see a single cyclist (I guess the pictures were taken before the Tour actually started) but on the upside I’ve been able to enjoy beautiful French landscapes and important monuments during my virtual trip.

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