Foodily lets you share Super Bowl party menus on Facebook

Foodily lets you share Super Bowl party menus on Facebook

So, it’s the Packers versus the Steelers this year, is it?  If you get a lot of grief from friends who want you to attend their Super Bowl party over all others, how exactly do you choose between parties?  I am apathetic about football games in general, no matter how important or hyped-up, and so I base my football-related decisions on food. In this instance, Foodily might just be able to help you make an informed choice come Super Bowl Sunday.


Although not a catalog geared specifically toward Super Bowl food recipes, typing that specific query into Foodily’s search box generates well over 15,000 results. Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients, cooking directions, and the ability either to like or save recipes for later viewing. What makes Foodily stand out even further, however, is the ability to list recipes and even entire menus on a Facebook events invitation. Expected attendees can also add to the list to generate an even more accurate menu of options. See the potential?

Make your friends work for your attendance at their Super Bowl party! Tell them to let you know what they’re planning on making before you accept an invitation using Foodily. Warning: This may decrease the number of invitations you actually receive in subsequent years (although depending on just how much you like football, this might not necessarily end up being a bad thing!).

For those of you who actually do get revved up for Game Day, James has pointed out some great ways to prepare for the big day with his iPhone Super Bowl Survival Kit. And for those like me who are far more interested in the food aspect of the entire affair, check out Niamh’s post on the best food apps for Mac, as well as her picks for the best recipe software all-around. Game on!

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