Football Manager for iPhone: RIP your life

Football Manager for iPhone: RIP your life

I’ve always thought of Football Manager more like a crippling social disease than a computer game. The long-running soccer management series of games has proved so infectious that its players have lost countless hours of life that they’ll never get back. The bad news today for wives, girlfriends, and bosses is that Football Manager has been released for iPhone, meaning that victims of the game will now never be able to escape it’s clutches.

Sega and Sports Interactive have done such a good job on Football Manager 2010 Handheld that anyone who downloads it will be doomed to spending every waking minute looking for cheap young center forwards, mastering the sweeper system, and figuring out a way to stop Lionel Messi scoring a hat-trick every game.

The iPhone version of Football Manager is incredibly in-depth for a mobile soccer management sim. You can choose to run a team from one of 34 leagues across 11 countries. There’s a database of more than 20,000 real life players, each with their own attributes, statistics and a potted history of their career. Football Manager 2010 Handheld features a transfer market with powerful filtering options and the ability to assign scouts to deliver reports on players.

Football Manager

The gaming experience is every bit as delightful as the desktop version of Football Manager 2010. You can glide through all the dizzying array of game screens very easily thanks to the swipeable user interface, and make changes to your team simply by dragging and dropping the player names. Football Manager 2010 Handheld is also very fast, making it in many ways more playable than the PC or Mac versions, which can hang a lot while results are being processed.

Check out my full review of the game here. But please, before you head for the App Store to buy this incredible game, remember the turmoil that Football Manager will cause in your life.

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