Fortnite: All 4 Candy Cane Locations

There’s still a few days left to get in on the 14 Days of Fortnite. This seasonal celebration lets Fortnite players take on a series of winter-themed challenges to get their hands on unique themed rewards like sprays, skins, and back bling. One such challenge tasks players with visiting giant candy canes that are scattered in locations across the Fortnite map. Read on to find out how to find them and claim your rewards before time’s up!

Fortnite: All Candy Cane Locations

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Once you’re close by, these candy canes should be super easy to spot. They are, after all, giant candy canes. To start, you should be looking up high: all candy canes are located at peaks and mountaintops, and the reindeer decorations surrounding them keep them lit so that they can be spotted even at night.

fortnite candy cane locations map
All Candy Cane locations.

Location 1: Wailing Woods

Most candy canes are located in the southern, snow-covered map area. This one is located far, far away from the others. Look atop a grassy hill just at the northwestern edge of Wailing Woods.

Location 2: Frosty Flights

This candy cane is located just to the north of Frosty Flights. It can be hard to try to scale this peak, as Frosty Flights is a hotspot for player activity. Instead, consider dropping in directly on top of it.

Location 3: Shifty Shafts

Like the location near Frosty Flights, it’s easiest to just drop directly onto this location if possible.

Location 4: Fatal Fields

This final location is atop a small mountain between Fatal Fields and Lucky Landing. As with the others, simply walk up to the candy cane to mark it as part of the challenge.

Once you’ve visited two of the four locations listed above, the challenge should mark as complete. As a reward, you’ll unlock a unique holiday-themed loading screen, just one of the many festive Fortnite goodies you can unlock during Season 7.

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