Fortnite gets new Detonation game mode, exclusive skin

Fortnite showcased some exciting new content for mobile users last week at the Fortnite x Samsung event in New York City. Among the reveals was a unique skin exclusive to Samsung players and a forthcoming team-based game mode, dubbed Detonation.

Fortnite gets new Detonation game mode

Showcased in the trailer above, the Detonation game mode was unveiled at the event, which was attended by celebrity Fortnite streamer Ninja and Korean pop group iKON. The mode pits two teams against each other as they take turns attacking and defending objectives. The catch is, the defending team must fend off the attackers for an entire 10 minutes, making for an interesting spin on wave survival and tower defense game types. Veteran players will note similarities to the recurring Food Fight LTM.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Play Now

Of note was that Detonation is set in an entirely new map that isn’t part of the regular Battle Royale map. It’s the first time a Fortnite game mode has been given a unique map, though it remains to be seen if this unique map will carry over into the game itself or if it’s merely an event exclusive. Also exclusive to event attendees is a new K-Pop themed skin, based on the members of iKON. Unfortunately, the unique skin is only obtainable via codes that were given out at the event itself.

fortnite ikon skin kpop samsung
Image courtesy Epic Games

No announcements have yet been made as to when the Detonation game mode will be added to the game itself. In the meantime, however, Fornite players have plenty of new content to enjoy. The new Flintlock Pistol weapon is a pirate-themed pistol that sends players flying back with every shot, useful for both combat and quick traversal. The Impulse Grenade has also made its way back from the vault, and the new Baller vehicle has been tweaked to spawn more frequently.

There’s plenty to do in Fortnite while waiting for Detonation to arrive, and that includes working on the latest batch of weekly challenges. Check out our complete challenge guide here, and check back with Softonic for more Fornite updates.

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