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Fortnite gym: Intermediate workout

Fortnite gym: Intermediate workout
Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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Welcome to the second stage of Softonic’s Fortnite Gym! We’re going to discuss the next-level game tactics you should be practicing to increase your skills on the battlefield. There are two parts:

Fortnite Gym: Intermediate Workout

First, increasing your basic, core skills. We’ll continue our advice for building, aiming, etc., with tangible ways to improve further.

Second, we’ll mention a few original intermediate skills to keep in mind while on the battlefield. These are pleasant one-offs that may just save your life and help you win the game.

Let’s go!


Build for combat

You’ve begun considering how to build. You’ve found the right settings that work for you. Now, it’s time to learn how to build under pressure when the bullets start flying!

We recommend two general pathways:

1. You see the enemy first

In this situation, consider waiting to build! The use of building materials was created to be visible: it starts out with bright blue panels that can be seen across the map. Rather than announcing yourself with building…

Line up a first shot. Here’s an example from the master:

Once the enemies turn or start building, then you should begin building as well.

2. They see you first

Even the best players are ambushed on occasion. In this situation, start building immediately, as soon as possible, and discover where the enemy is firing from!

If they’re at close range, they may already be rushing. In this case, build a vertical wall if you’re already under fire, or a double ramp (one horizontal panel below you, another above) and try to match their building height. Or, of course, try to shoot their ramp from underneath them. Both tactics may help you reclaim some advantage.

If at mid-range, it may be best to create a double-wide ramp with vertical walls on the underside. This creates both a sturdy cover and a large area for you to peek over when fighting. This matters: enemies with snipers have a much easier time shooting you when you’re on a 1×1 ramp because there’s less space for you to hide in!

If at long-range, it’s good to have a sniper handy. Build up, or use your building materials to maneuver on top of a structure in the area – mountains, houses, etc. Then, get a sneaky shot in; it may just turn the tides!

Of course, when there’s no long-range weapon handy, you’ll just have to get closer. Build short ramps while running toward the enemy, then create a buttressed ramp when you’re close enough to gain the height advantage.

Solo Duos or Solo Squads

Your squad is down, massacred. There are now four hardened Fortnite veterans bearing down on you, and your teammates are asking for someone to revive them.

What do you do?

That’s a tricky question for anyone who hasn’t played alone in Duos or Squads! And rightfully so: this challenge is only meant for true diehard tryhards. But yes, if you’re wondering, it is possible. Just make sure to wait until you have a bit of skill so you aren’t being killed immediately: it’s hard to learn anything from that kind of experience.

*Admittedly: this player is a Fortnite pro who started playing on Switch when Fortnite came to the console, just recently. Since it was populated by newbies at the time, and solos players go up against people on their own console, he was mostly fighting beginners. 

But if you’re lucky, smart, a quick learner, and bitterly determined, solo squads will help you learn to fight smart on any console: take every chance to use your enemies’ mistakes against them while staying safe. It’s not about running into the fray and being a hero, it’s about being the leanest, meanest fighter.

We prefer to play with a team because we’re more casual, but occasionally playing solo squads has undeniable benefits. As we said in the “Beginning Workout” article, you develop a survival mindset that benefits any other game type.

Seize the high ground

Building on mountains or other tall structures can help you win the game. As long as you know how to use cover properly (despite the hazard of being visible on all sides) taking the high ground provides huge benefits: you can see everywhere, shoot everything, and go any direction. It’s easy to get down, it’s not so easy to get up!

Now, you want to do this in two situations: combat or endgame. Combat often goes to whoever is the highest. Make sure to get on a house or a hill nearby, and fire down on the enemies from there.

In the endgame, you can take out a lot of players by finding a mountain and creating a base within the final circle. Just be ready: if you announce yourself in this way, you’d best be ready for the challenge.

And, if you are the challenger coming up on a well-fortified team, we’d like to suggest three ways to fight for the high ground:

1. Accuracy

Doesn’t matter where an enemy is, if you can hit them with a sniper rifle or other accurate weapon, they’re toast.

2. Raw power!

INFINITE POW—oh my god! from combinedgifs

So, your enemies’ve got a big ol’ tower on a huge mountain? Blow it up!

Admittedly, this requires the ammunition: you need clingers, a well-supplied gatling gun, C4, a missile launcher, a full team of dedicated fighters with bottomless clips… something!

Still, despite being one of the more resource-wasteful options, there’s nothing like seeing your enemies scramble to rebuild a tower that you absolutely thrashed!

3. Rush

Doesn’t matter how: build up quickly, use the ramp they created themselves, or use a launch pad, jump pad, or rift to get up there. Now that you have removed their height advantage, you can either start a new build battle or get in close!

4. Patience

Fortnite has a new feature you may have noticed: the final circle moves. As it shrinks, it also shifts.

This means one well-built tower won’t mean as everyone has to move to a new location.

In this situation, be careful! Even while your enemies are coming off of the mountain, they’re still dangerous. Play it smart (a recurring theme here).  They’ll come down from their fortress, making the battle equal once again.

Cover your butt

This is simple: If you’re digging in, and you have enemies in one direction, build a barrier behind yourself. Heck, build a roof as well so people can’t easily launch pad onto your head.

Another immutable Fortnite law: if you build a ramp toward a group of enemies and stay there too long, someone will shoot you from another direction. Then it will happen again… and again… and again.

Protect your rear end, folks.

Think ahead

Don’t think just one step ahead, think many steps ahead. Think about the next weapon you’ll pick up, the next house you’re going to loot, and the next location you’ll run to after that.

Always have an idea in mind!

Of course, while it’s important to have plans, it’s just as crucial to alter them. For example; if an enemy attack happens, focus on the new problem! Afterward, proceed with the old plan or create a new one. The person with a plan will be more prepared for a fight.

Windows help people SEE

New players often treat windows like walls: they pretend there’s nothing to view outside.

Don’t be like that.

When you’re inside a house, windows are your best friends: they let you know if there are approaching, and could even allow you to sneakily line up a free shot. Don’t waste the potential of windows!


Hear that? It’s your enemies runnin’ around.

Since the sound generally increases if you’re looking in the direction the sound’s coming from, you should be able to figure out their location.

Then, if you have headphones or multi-directional speakers, this may even allow you to know which side they’re on.

Whatever the case, it should be clear that knowing when enemies are nearby without having to see them can be a huge benefit. As part of the general rule “Be Aware,” make sure to listen carefully to catch hints of nearby enemies!

Learn to aim while moving

Odds are, if you’ve played Fortnite for a while, you’ve realized aiming at still enemies comes easily. However, it’s harder to hit someone when they’re moving.

Or when you’re moving.

Worse, when you’re both moving.

Worst, when you’re both moving right next to each other!

Close Quarters Combat (CQC for short, thank you, Metal Gear Solid) happens when two players are close enough they could build 1×1 walls around themselves. Often, both people are jumping to avoid being shot while firing madly, which makes for quite the snafu.

You need to be able to land more shots in this situation.

It’s hard, we admit, even when you consider the huge range of weapons you may be using! Think about it: even amongst shotguns there are huge differences in speed: pumps are slow, heavy shotguns are a bit faster but don’t aim as wide, tactical shotguns are fast but don’t do as much damage, and double-barrels shoot very fast and deal heavy damage in a wide area but only have two shots.

That’s one factor that affects how you aim. Now take your controller type, speed setting, and insane combination of player movements and build exploits. These are the aspects you’ll have to understand!

Figure out what aiming settings work best for you, learn the various weapon traits, and then start shooting people in Close Quarters Combat; everything else will come in time. Don’t forget to jump around yourself, so that you can begin moving and still hit the enemy while they’re also jumping or dodging.

Here’s a good clip from another master, Daequan Loco, that shows some excellent up-close battles:

Maneuver, Maneuver, Maneuver

This bears being repeated.

Always be careful about staying in one place after you’ve fired! Your enemies know where you are, and can get a bead on you. You have four choices:

1. Rather than stay in one place, move to either side: get to another good location and fire from there. If you’re lucky, the enemy will focus on your last known location, giving you an opening for another sneaky shot.

2. Rush! Now that your enemy knows where you are, take the offense and get up in their face.

Remember: rushing successfully is like a drug, in that it’s addictive. You may be tempted to rush again, for that feeling of power. Resist these instincts and do what’s best for the situation! Then, rushing will truly work best, go for it.

3. Fall back. There are only a few situations where this makes sense. For example: your enemies are armed with many gatling guns, rocket launchers, SCAR’s, and other such killer weapons. In this case, run and build, run and build. Wait for a lull, then attack.

4. Stay put. Generally, you should only do this if your position is great. See the section on “High Ground.” Otherwise… maneuver!

Learn to be patient

Jumping into fights works great for teaching combat skills. Once you’ve learned to fight and know you’re a dangerous close quarters combatant… start holding back.

If you watch professional matches, you may notice that a lot of skilled players build forts and stay safe. Why would that be? Why do incredibly dangerous Fortnite gamers stay safe?

Because: in a game with equally matched players, you have to play smart.

There will come a time for all-out battle. If you rush to find it, you’ll open yourself up to enemies. Worse, you may even find yourself in a trap, whether that means actual wall spikes or an ambush. Take time to think, take a breather, pixel peek, and only move from cover when you need to move or you’re ready to shoot. Simple as that.

Cool down stretches

Alright! Congratulations on finishing this step of our Fortnite Gym. For the cool down section, do something fun inside or outside of Fortnite. Remember that no matter how competitive it gets on the Battlefield, video games are meant to enrich your life, add a bit of fun. Never train so hard that you stop enjoying Fortnite!

Need something more basic? Or more advanced? Get your reps here:

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