Fortnite introduces Tournament Events

fortnite funk ops
Fortnite funk ops

If you’ve played Fortnite recently, you’ll probably have noticed a new tab on your main menu, labeled “Events.” Scrolling over to the tab will reveal this neon-tinted roster and the latest game mode to come to Fortnite: tournaments.

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Fortnite introduces Tournament Events

Tournament Modes

fortnite tournament events
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As the name implies, Fortnite’s new tournaments are competitive game modes that task you with outlasting other players gunning for the top spot. How does it work? The tournaments themselves are broken up into regions, and specific tournaments have different themes: Solos, Duos, Squads and other events such as Friday Night Fortnite and the Salty Springs Cup. It should be noted that for Squad Modes, you can’t simply use matchmaking to hop into a squad: you’ll need to bring along friends of your own to join.

Also, unlike the base game, you’ll be matched with players of equal skill level, rather than players on the same platform. Skill is based on the number of points you accumulate throughout the tournament, with things getting more and more difficult as you progress further and rack up more points.

Rules and Prizes

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Fortnite’s tournaments are limited time events. The schedules and specific times that you’ll be able to participate in each tournament is located on the Events page. Selecting a tournament will also reveal a set of specific scoring rules. Scoring in Tournaments is based on a points system. Players must complete a specific set of tasks to receive a point, such as getting a certain number of eliminations or achieving a certain match placement.

Players that accumulate enough points will receive an in-game wearable pin as a prize. These pins are cosmetic items that are unique and themed to each specific tournament.

Rough Around the Edges

Despite being a currently available playable mode, the new Tournaments system isn’t without problems. Though Epic has stressed that the Tournaments available now are intended as a trial run for the later implementation of more intricate events and tournaments, it’s generated quite a bit of grumbling among the game’s player community.

Most criticisms seem to center around matchmaking. The matchmaking itself takes quite a bit of time, with some players left searching from 20 minutes to an hour. With the tournaments being implemented as limited time events, it can be rather frustrating to spend precious minutes in a queue rather than racking up points in-game. Players have also complained of significant in-game lag, a problem that Epic is currently working to address.

The “skill-based” matchmaking is also creating quite a bit of controversy. Because matchmaking is based on points, that means players on Android can be matched with players on PC and console. These players have a distinct leg up on gamers playing with a touch screen. It’s caused an outcry among mobile players who contend pitting them against players using a mouse or controller isn’t fair.

If these issues don’t bother you, head on over to the Events tab and try tournaments for yourself. It’s a mode that’s still in its infancy, and Epic will be continuing to tweak and improve Tournaments as time goes on.


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