Fortnite: Where to spot the mystery helicopter

Some mysterious new arrivals have appeared on the Battle Royale map. Players have spotted a black military helicopter circling the perimeter of the map, landing in a different spot every day or so. In addition, a new excavation site has appeared on the outskirts of Paradise Palms. So far, nothing concrete has been revealed about the meaning of these new additions to the map, but we’ve tracked down a few clues that might hint at what they may mean for Season 9.

Fortnite: Where to spot the mystery helicopter

fortnite season 8 helicopter
Image courtesy Epic Games

Players first spotted this black helicopter on the outskirts of Lazy Lagoon, where it stayed for a short time before appearing at another location not far from the first. Since then, the chopper has moved every few days or so with no discernable pattern as to how often it moves. Some players have theorized that the chopper moves every time a helicopter-themed item appears in the Item Shop. Regardless, the chopper’s route seems to be taking it in a circle around the perimeter of the Battle Royale island. Here’s a map marking the chopper’s previous destinations in red, with its current location marked in black.

fortnite season 8 helicopter locations map
Image courtesy Epic Games

The chopper has almost completed its circle, and has perhaps one more stop before arriving back at Lazy Lagoon. There’s no hint or indication yet as to what might happen when the chopper finishes its route, but there are a few clues that may point to this mysterious vehicle’s true nature.

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The chopper itself is a military helicopter, seemingly based on a Vietnam era UH-1 “Huey.” As some players have pointed out, it also shares its black and yellow color scheme with the government vehicles that appeared in Season 4. Though now lying in ruins, these vehicles cropped up around the research facility in Dusty Divot. As such, some players have theorized that the chopper is part of this same organization, and is back to look for more Hop Rocks that may have been left behind after the meteor strike. A closer look at the helicopter reveals that it’s equipped with a powerful camera or telescope of some kind, which does seem to indicate that it’s searching for something.

In addition to the chopper, players have spotted an excavation site on the outskirts of Paradise Palms.

fortnite dig site season 8
Image courtesy Epic Games

This dig site is surrounded by barbed wire fencing and is home to some heavy duty construction equipment. Players themselves can mine the dig, which will reveal a collection of what appear to be dinosaur bones of some kind. The question is, are the dinosaur bones the target of the dig, or is this excavation part of the treasure hunt that’s been teased since the start of Season 8? Taken together, these new dig sites and the arrival of the chopper could mean that a well-financed new player has arrived to hunt for the island’s treasure.

Either way, with the helicopter so close to completing its lap of the island, more details will doubtless be revealed soon. Fortnite players should keep their eyes peeled and prepare for whatever is in store.

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