Fortnite reveals ‘Fortnitemares’ Halloween event


Fortnite Season 6 has already introduced a healthy dose of spooks and scares to the world of Fortnite, but it appears that things are about to get a fair bit spookier. After a series of teasers released over the course of several days, Epic Games has finally revealed a new limited time Halloween event dubbed Fortnitemares. Not much has been revealed about the exact nature of this new event, but we do know that it will be running from October 24 through November 26th. The event also comes with the ominous tagline “Darkness has risen.” Read on for everything we know so far about the event.

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Cryptic Poems

fortnite fortnitemares cube
Image courtesy Epic Games

The event teasers began with a series of mysterious poems tweeted by Epic Games. The poem in full reads as follows:

“Costumes and dancing, Partner up, be wise. They could be friendly, Or a ghoul in disguise.”

“Tombstones quake, Keep your finger steady. The circle will close, Better be ready.”

“Take the shot, If you have enough to last. The wind calls out, ‘Fill your chambers, fast.'”

Though a bit enigmatic, the poems seem to hint at several aspects of the new mode. “Partner up, be wise” seems to reference some kind of new squad mode, likely an LTM in the of the High Stakes event. “The circle will close” seems to point to the mysterious portals and glyphs that have been opening up in the blighted areas around the map. As of now, the cube’s floating island is hovering above Leaky Lake, where a portal seems to be opening in the sky. It’s almost certain that the portal will open to mark the start of the event. What comes through, however, remains to be seen.

New Cosmetics

fortnite fortnitemares cowboy
Image courtesy Epic Games

Epic has confirmed that a new series of spooky challenges will be released as part of Fortnitemares, with new Halloween themed cosmetic rewards for those who complete them. The above image was tweeted as part of the poem teasers. It isn’t much to go on, but when coupled with the other images this new skin seems to be an undead cowboy of some sort. He’s very likely going to be a counterpart to Calamity, the other spectral Wild West skin included in Season 6’s Battle Pass.

The developers also tweeted another teaser image including a cube wrapped in chains, which can be seen below. It’s been speculated that this cube is likely a back bling item, or perhaps even the head of a new harvesting tool. Either way, all the elements included in the teaser image seem to be part of this new skin. Whether or not there will be other skins included as part of the event is uncertain but it seems likely, given the steady stream of Halloween content being released for Season 6.

New Weapons

fortnite fortnitemares revolver
Image courtesy Epic Games

It also appears that a few new guns will be appearing in game to coincide with the event. As seen in the above teaser image, it looks like a new revolver will be making its way into the Battle Royale arena. This would replace the original Revolver, which was removed from main Battle Royale modes at the start of Season 6. It’s likely that this revamp will include improvements on the original Revolver’s shortcomings, such as its slow firing speed and reload times.

Also confirmed to make a return is the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher. It’s a ghoulish modification on the game’s base Rocket Launcher, with a Jack-o-Lantern in place of the standard rocket warhead. Veteran players will remember this weapon from Fortnite’s previous Halloween event in October 2017. Whether its rockets are still rideable remains to be seen.

Overall, this event looks so expansive that it almost seems like a season within a season. We’re waiting with bated breath to see what Fortnitemares has in store.

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