Fortnitemares: The Complete Guide

Fortnite’s mysterious Cube has finally revealed its true intentions, opening a portal in the sky above Leaky Lake and unleashing untold eldritch horrors on the Fortnite map. This limited-time Halloween event, dubbed Fortnitemares, is chock full of ghoulish new content. Take a look below for an overview of what’s been added for the new event.

Fortnitemares: The Complete Guide

New Enemies

fortnite fortnitemares cube monsters
The cube fragments.

The blighted areas on the Fortnite map are now home to a new enemy, and no, it’s not other players. For the first time, NPCs are coming to the Battle Royale map. Cube Monsters are shambling, zombie-like abominations that spawn from the Cube Fragments, pictured above. They patrol the blighted areas and will viciously attack anyone that comes too close. They’re not just threats, though: killing them will yield small bonuses to your shields, and they’ll also drop a huge variety of weapons and loot.

fortnite fortnitemares cube monsters
A cube monster.

The Cube Monsters also have their own set of challenges, introduced as part of the update. Fortnitemares challenges  present objectives such as killing a certain number of these ghouls to earn cosmetic rewards like unique gliders and emotes. Players that drop into the blighted areas will have to be doubly aware of both the monsters and enemy players as they fight to survive, but can also use these ghouls to their advantage: enemies that are distracted by the hordes are easy targets. If you want to stop the enemies from spawning, you can also destroy the cube fragments themselves. It’ll take quite a bit of ammo, but you’ll be rewarded with some rare gear for your efforts.

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New Skins

fortnite fortnitemares battle bus
The new Battle Bus.

Players will have noticed a spooky new Battle Bus reskin on dropping in, complete with a creepy Halloween background music track. This Battle Bus reskin is only the tip of the iceberg, however. The Item Shop has seen a steady stream of spooky skins, with the new ghostly cowboy Deadfire heading up the lineup.

fortnite fortnitemares deadfire
The Deadfire skin.

Deadfire is a cowboy who was caught in a blast of the cube’s mysterious energy, imbuing him with spectral powers. A Legendary skin, you can choose between Deadfire’s human or ghoulish forms. It’s also Fortnite’s first reactive skin: getting a certain number of kills in battle will cause ghostly green flames to erupt from the outfit. The outfit has been rotating regularly through the Item Shop since the start of the event, and can be obtained for 2,000 V-Bucks. The rest of the Western Wilds set, including a glider, harvesting tool, and Shackled Stone back bling item can be obtained by completing limited time Fortnitemares challenges.

New Weapons

fortnitemares six shooter
The Six Shooter.

Rounding out the lineup are several new weapons. In keeping with Deadfire’s cowboy theme, players will now be able to find the Six Shooter in game. This Wild West era revolver has two distinct firing modes. Aiming down the sights will allow players to take accurate long-range shots at distant players, at the expense of a slower fire rate. Firing from the hip, however, will let players fan the hammer and fire all six shots in rapid succession. It’s less accurate, but great for dealing with up-close enemies.

The Fiend Hunter Crossbow will be a familiar addition to older players, who will recognize the weapon from previous seasons. It’s back with a cosmetic reskin, and has many distinct advantages. Firstly, the weapon has infinite ammo. Though the magazine size is limited and players will have to go through a lengthy reload, you won’t have to hunt for additional ammo: your reserves are unlimited, meaning you can fire away without worrying.

Finally, the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher is back. This reskin for the standard Rocket Launcher replaces the warhead with a giant grinning Jack-O-Latern, which cackles wildly when launched at enemy players. Aside from cosmetic differences, it’s functionally the same as its less spooky counterpart.

If you haven’t experienced these Halloween themed goodies yet, you still have time: Fortnitemares ends Sunday, November 4 with a one-time event that will occur at 1 p.m. EST. You won’t want to miss this one!

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