Four great personal finance managers for Android

Four great personal finance managers for Android

If you’re interested in making the most of your smartphone, you should really think about using it to manage your personal finances. It’s with you all the time, you can record everything you spend, and you’ll always know what’s left in your account.

If you’re looking for some great apps to get started on the path to financial solvency, read on – we’ve rounded up four of the best, and you’re sure to find one to suit your style.

Financisto is an excellent all-rounder. Easy to use, cleanly designed and with loads of options that let you accurately reflect real life spending, the fact that this app is free and open source just makes it better. An excellent place to start – and it’s fully integrated with Google Docs!

Nickel Tracker is pretty much the polar opposite of Financisto, but if for fans of the envelope method of financial management – or you want the simplest strategy possible, this is your app. Enter the maximum you want to spend on food and entertainment in a month, for example and this app will alert you when you’ve hit your limit, letting you know it’s time to lay off the Frapuccinos until your next paycheck makes an appearance! Personal Finance is already a popular integral money management systems for millions of users. As it aims to be comprehensive, there’s obviously a version available for Android. does most of the work for you – it automatically pulls in your transactions for you, no manual entering required. That said, it does require registration, something that many other apps avoid and it’s currently only available in the US and Canada.

Cashew is a cutely-named app that gives Financisto a run for its money. Similarly easy to use and nicely designed, it takes a comprehensive approach to money, allowing you to easily account for everything that enters – and leaves – your bank account. In fact, Cashew and Financisto are so similar, we bet that picking one or the other will boil down to personal choice – or an alternative in case one doesn’t play nice with your particular phone.

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