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Foursquare 2.0 makes Tips and To-Dos more useful

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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Foursquare, the popular geolocation-based social network, has just updated its iPhone client to version 2.0. The Foursquare team has been working hard on this update, and the hype grew to such an extent that their servers are now literally “melting down” due to the amount of download requests. While the new version slowly rolls out to all devices, let’s take a look at the new features included in Foursquare 2.0:

foursquare 2.0

  • Separate lists for Tips and To-Dos. These two lists are now split in two separate sections, making them easier to access and manage. With this small change, Foursquare developers aim to make their application useful not only to keep track of all the places you’ve been to, but also to make a list of all the place you’d like to visit and what you’d like to do once you’re there.
  • Tips and To-Dos available everywhere. These two lists are no longer limited to the navigation bar and have been extended to other areas in the Foursquare app. So, for example, next time you spot a new venue, you can add it to your To-Do list with just one tap. And the next time to check in at that same place, you’ll get a reminder of those saved To-Dos.
  • New ‘Add to My foursquare’ button. This new, embeddable button allows you to add new places to Foursquare from other sources than just your friends. If you read about a new coffee shop on a website and would like to try it out, just click the ‘Add to My foursquare’ button and it’ll be automatically added to your To-Dos list. You can already see this button in action in Eater and Racked, with more websites coming soon.
Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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