Free browser game: Fotonica

Jonathan Riggall


Fotonica is a visceral 3D arcade game, that sees you running at incredible speeds over vector graphic landscapes. It’s on-rails, so you only control your speed and jumping. The aim is to keep going as long as you can without falling off the track.

Despite really simple controls, the speed and difficulty will keep you coming back. There are four tracks and an endless mode for high score chasing. Each track has multiple ‘routes’ of high or low platforms, and there are dots to collect. Reach the highest speed and you’ll enter a psychedelic gold mode, where your breathing is amplified and the game becomes almost dreamlike. Sometimes gold mode can be distracting and make you miss a jump, and collecting dots momentarily obscures your vision, but the adrenalin rush of the game will keep you motivated.

Play Fotonica here. Note that it requires the Unity plugin.

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