Free Browser Game: Nano Ninja

Jonathan Riggall


Last year I wrote about the excellent Corporate Climber and now we have Nano Ninja, which takes the same one-button idea to create another really fun game.

You have to reach the top of a building, going floor by floor and avoiding the obstacles on each one. The one-button control does different things depending on the level. On one level, the button might make you dash, and on another, jump or even pause. The biggest difference with Nano Ninja is that it’s a bit easier and shorter than Corporate Climber. However, that’s not a disadvantage, as it adds a ghost mode so you can race previous selves to complete the game. Nano Ninja, in time-honored tradition, is avenging his master, and you’ll need some quick thinking and accurate tapping to make sure he succeeds.

Play Nano Ninja at Newgrounds, requires Flash.

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