Free Browser Game: Second Person Shooter Zato

This is a free 3D shoot ’em up with an interesting perspective. Using the Unity plugin, Second Person Shooter Zato puts you in the shoes of a blind hero, who has the power to see through the eyes of his enemies.

Set in stylish blocky arenas, you’ll see up to four enemies’ viewpoints at once, circling and approaching Zato. You can rotate the blind hero and have limited missiles and laser shots to get the baddies. In later levels you’ll be able to walk around too.

It sounds strange until you play it, but it’s really easy to get into and, like the best arcade games, is intense and addictive. As the developer says, just shoot at the cameras. When enemies start flying in from above, circling and approaching on stacks, you really have a lot to manage! Using this unusual viewpoint is a great idea that makes Second Person Shooter Zato a great little game. Play it over at Kongregate now!

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